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New brick garden wall builder & repairs | Laying bricks since 1995

garden walls

As an NVQ 2 trained bricklayer with 25 years experience, we excel at building  our clients a quality Garden Wall and other brickwalls in different styles, pointing and finishes. We are able to use different types of bricks and colours of your choosing to match your house or repair exsisting walls. We can also build and incorporate with your new walls, a beautiful traditional or contemporary patio.

New brick garden wall builder & repairs

Free Standing Border Wall

Free-standing garden walls, can be used to define your property boundry, create a safe secure enviroment and long term money saver compared to wooden fencing.

Retaining Garden Wall

These are walls ideal for building around a patio area or reclaiming more building space for an extension in a sloping garden.

Raised Flower Beds

Raised flowers present a colourful border for terraces and patios. They are ideally suited to for those with a green thumb, but have mobility issues.

Radius Garden Wall

Other than just straight free-standing garden walls, we offer Radias walls, which feature a circular curve to create an interesting shape and focal point.

bespoke finishes

Brick colour & type | Pointing | Features
Garden Walls

bespoke garden wall features

We are able to incorpate into Your Garden Wall:

  • Pillars
  • Fencing panels
  • Tile crease with brick on edge finish
  • Weatherproofed with flaunching
  • Arches and doorways
  • Stone panel brickwork
  • Corbelled brickwork

constructing your wall

The process | Materials available


We undertake all aspects of the build, which includes:

  • Digging the foundations
  • Pouring of the concrete
  • Adding Damp proof course (when required) to confirm with building regulations standard. This includes weep vents and expansion joints if required.

Bricks and Materials

We can source and match bricks to your property if required:

  • Meteric and imperial bricks (view)
  • London stocks and old stocks yellow London
  • Imperial Bricks (Old Stocks/reclaimed)
  • Metric Bricks (New Bricks) Sourced

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